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. president obama gave a preview to this decision this afternoon. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> finish the job. make no mistake, this is just one more mess that president obama has to mop up after the bush administration. bush was the president who drained resources from afghanistan so we could go invade iraq on that perfect intelligence. bush never got bin laden dead or alive. bush never established a functional government over there in afghanistan. bush never eliminated the taliban. thanks a lot. so let's get out of magic wand and wave it now because here comes president obama and he's just expected to solve all of these problems in afghanistan. well, it isn't going to be easy. the country is split right down the middle when it comes to a troop increase. in the latest cnn poll, 50% support an increase. 49% are against it. so, no matter what president obama does, half the country's going to be bad mouthing him. president obama had one hell of an
. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
someone paid for it. >>> hey there, thanks for joining us. this is hln. president obama is on his way to china right now, the third stop of his tour in asia. earlier today he covered ground covering ground with a new negotiation agreement with russia. they're looking to replace the nuclear treaty that expires next month. president obama said things look good. >> in our first meeting when i traveled to moscow, we arrived at an understanding that it made sense for our two countries to begin reducing further our nuclear stockpiles. our negotiators made progress over the last several months. our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and to be able to sign a deal before the end of the year. and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it, we should be able to get that done. >> president obama and the russian leader also talked about iran. president obama said time is running out for tehran to do something about its nuclear program. u.s. and russia will keep pushing iran and there are other options if that fails, but he didn't offer any details. >>> p
president obama time to decide if he'll send additional troops to afghanistan. white house said all along they won't make a decision on the troop levels here until this afghan election has been resolved. by all appearances now it will be president karzai. there is the issue of legitimacy. the short one, it gives a new government for the u.s. and other international partners to work with. this is part of the basis of adding troops is there must be a credible, viable partner in afghanistan. everything that has happened with this election process has cast doubt whether or not hamid karzai is that viable credible partner. the corruption is so wide and widespread across all of the government here. there is a real concern that going forward this election may just embolden hamid karzai and prevent him from firing the officials that the u.s. would like to see fired. shannon? >> shannon: now reporting live for us from afghanistan. thank you very much for the update, connor. so what implications will abdullah's withdrawal have for the u.s.? caroline shively standing by with the look at that angle.
, president obama is now in japan. while he's there he won't be venturing outside tokyo. >> and that's not what many japanese wanted to hear. especially in the city that has the name the president has. margaret connelly reports from obama city, japan. >> reporter: far from the bustling city of tokyo, a five-hour journey by train is a coastal town along the sea of japan. now famous for its name. from street banners and taxis to obscure souvenirs, this town reaches out to the president from the other side of the world. at obama city hall, the mayor shows us correspondence with the white house. photographs and notes of thanks from the president and michelle for the city's gifts and letters. mayor says it's not a one-way thing. featured on this chocolate cake box along with slogans for world peace. the president and i have the same face, he says, the only difference is the hairstyle. people say we have the same ears. in this port town of 30,000 people fishing has long been the main industry. increasingly the people in this town are cashing in on the obama name. and there's even a place t
the excitement that surrounded the barack obama election. it is what i took to be a lot of press commentary and outside the press that we had just gone through some kind of watershed, a signal of and. the election of barack obama was unquestionably a special event. it went beyond that pretty went to questions of a major transformation in the party system, people talked about an expected a large surge in the turnout of the election. many americans and academics and commentaries outside academia talked about a decline in the republican base. generally, there was a sense that existed out there that may still be there to some degree that we did not just watch election in which the incumbents were defeated and a new group of the democrats won but rather an election where something, in some sense, transformational happened. in many past elections there is always the story of something special that happened in the election. as an attribute of american politics, we have a penchant of looking elections where something special happens. i decided to take a look at that. i realized it is not an easy th
that put barack obama in office, they're now stepping up saying they're willing to work against those who fight the public option. manage that. >> well, look, i mean, you have to get a bill through and it has to be a good bill. that's why i have always been in favor of reconciliation. i said that months ago, because the people need to vote on this. if you put this up to a fair vote, you would have this pass in a moment. the bill -- by the way, i think harry reid has done a fantastic job. sensational job in getting a decent bill -- >> nobody else has gotten it this far in 50 years. >> he's been fantastic. of course, a lot of people helping him. you know, the problem is because of the actions, the potential actions, i don't think these folks are all going to vote against the consideration of the bill. >> dr. dean, great to have you with us tonight. got to have you back. >>> let me bring in katrina vanden heuvel, editor of "the nation." thanks for your time. it is coming down with war inside the party and the progressive groups. now, the next 30 days, probably legislatively, the most importa
a warehouse to house the gitmo detine knees. president obama promised to close the place for next year. julie kirtz has the latest from washington. >> although no decision has been announced, an obama administration official tells us a near empty prison is an option for detain tees from guantanamo bay. an idea backed by the governor wood would allow the federal bure reof prisons to buy the prison and turn it into a supermax facility. the prison is in a small town called thompson village, 150 miles west of chicago. local proponents of the idea say it will bring 3,000 much-needed jobs to the area. but there is plenty of opposition for those who say it's horrible way to help the local economy and make the area a terror target. >> i can't imagine the people of illinois would like to have the prisoners encars rated in the state. there may be some local officials who support it but i expect it will be a huge issue in illinois, probably in the u.s. senate race up there next year. >> a huge issue is decision by the obama administration to bring khalid sheikh mohammed and the alleged 9/11 mastermind a
. in virginia, in 2008 when barack obama took virginia, people under 30 were 21% of the electorate. today they were 10%. the black vote was 0% of all virginia votes last year. today it was 15%. the very coalition that put barack obama over the top is not showing up. >> democrats, though, still may make election history and richard lui i will take a look at a new york congressional race in just few meants and more on the wider implicationses of these elections. >>> more infants and young people are hospital leezed for the h1n1 flu, but in california, older people are more likely to die from it. a study in the journal of the american medical association says the fatality rate from h1n1 in california is around 11%, 2000 people over 50, the fatality rate is as high as 20%. the study looked at california cases from april to august. >>> on the 30 lt anniversary of the iranian hostage crisis, president obama said that he wants to move beyond the past and build a relationship with iran based on mutual interests and mutual respect. u.s./iran relations have been hostile since the day islamic studen
means a very big change for one of the shuttle's crew. >>> president obama will announce his new plan for a troop increase in afghanistan tuesday, plus new information on what he might be saying. the troops who may get called to deploy as soon as the end of next month. >> it's like christmas every day. >> this man is a freegan. we'll tell you exactly what that term means. you're watching hln. i'm richelle carey. black friday is in full swing. stores are offering any number of door buster deals to get you and other bargain hunters to open up your wallets. early birds hit some stores on thanksgiving and more retailers opened at midnight. people are snapping up deals, practical gifts and hard-to-find items as well. laptops, cameras, flat panel tvs, gps devices are flying off the shelves. retailers are hoping this season will be the reseverse of last yr which was one of the worst in decades. by tradition black friday is the day shoppers would push stores into profitability for the year, but many customers say they are watching their budget. >> we got here at like 2 a.m. she wanted to brin
.a. hospital. that was an honor on veterans day. >>> coming up on bjz tonight. president obama makes his very first trip to china, coming up on wjz. why it could be the most important on his trip to asian. >>> police now taking a break in the search for a missing carolina girl. >>> a child is pushed into a running washing machine by his own brother, we'll tell you how he got out safe. >>> the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. more on what retailers say you can expect. >>> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, after a warm day today, we do have a cooldown coming in today. the cool weather is going to continue, we'll tell you for how long coming up on our first warn forecast. for a short time, dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> for the first time president obama touched down in china today. today katherine brown explains for wjz the leaders are planning to discuss the threat of nuclear weapons ove
for that interview with president obama. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: new guidelines create confusion over cancer, and the government health plan is under fire. i am trace gallagher, in fort shepard smith. the news starts now. kills thousands of women every year. mothers and daughters, wives and sisters. now, some government scientists say that the way we are screen for breast cancer is wrong. >> we found that screening started at age 50 have a benefit. >> not all experts agree. >> there is not sufficient evidence at this time to warrant a significant change. trace: tonight, inside a potential life or death decision. when should women get screened? now i question triggering voting controversy tonight. it comes after a panel of scientists decided that most women do not meet routine mammograms until they reach their 50's, going against the advice of the american cancer society, which recommends yearly mammograms for women in their 40's. >> we continue to recommend screening for breast cancer start at age 40.
, president obama arrived in japan. this was the president's first trip to asia as president. during his trip, he'll visit china, singapore and south korea. mr. obama and the japanese prime minister expected to discuss the marine base in okina as well as the climate and afghanistan. >> this morning the parents of the so-called balloon boy are expected to plead guilty. both richard and mayumi heene turned themselves in at a larimer county courthouse in colorado. both are expected to plead guilty to false reporting to authorities which is a misdemeanor. richard is also pleading guilty to felony charges of attempting to influence a public servant. according to reports, the plea deals will ensure that mayumi heene is not deported back to japan. to maryland now where federal authorities are trying to seize a mosque and a building rented by the islamic education center in rockville. it's part of a nationwide seizure of properties owned by alavi foundation. the government claims it's funneling money to a bank involved in iran's nuclear program. >>> in the district, two employees of the togo embassy
the obama administration pushing for congress to change the law. it would give the federal government control over safety regulations for subway and light rail systems across the country. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live with details. >> reporter: good morning. this is about providing more safety measures for passengers who board metro here at tenleytown and stations across the country. essentially the department of transportation would do for transit what it already does for airlines and amtrak. transportation secretary ray la hood said we have to do something about this. that was the reaction at d.o.t. after nine people were killed when two trains collide on the red line last june. now the federal government is considering to do just that with a proposal to take over safety regulations for the transit systems. metro is not the only one in the hot seat. transit systems an the country are under scrutiny. they believe they should have the same federal safety standard as airlines and trains do. >> at -- it lacks resources. it lacks the type of visibility that would
. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: president obama began filling in key international leaders today on his new war strategy for afghanistan. it was part of the final run-up to his announcement, in a nationally televised address tomorrow night. ray suarez has our lead story report. >> suarez: the president informed his top civilian and military aides of the decision last night, and set in motion a far-reaching overhaul of u.s. policy in afghanistan. the centerpiece is expected to be the deployment of up to 35,000 additional american troops raising the total to some 100,000. the first to go are likely to be 9,000 u.s. marines moving into southern helmand province, a center of taliban resistance. but it's already clear the president faces opposition in congress. vermont independent bernie sanders was on abc yesterday: >> i have a real problem supporting 30,000 or 40,000 more troops and $100 billion more a year for that war on top of what we're spending in iraq. >> suarez: today, white house spokesman robert gibbs said the issue of cost, not only in li
coming together for a nuclear-free world? as president obama makes his first ever visit to china as commander-in-chief, the u.s. and russia clear a major hurdle for a new armed control deal. in the meantime, the president shares sharp words for another country that's become a thorn in america's side. fallout from the decision to put suspected al-qaeda tris on trial in new york city. democrats defending the move, republicans slamming it. >> when the foreman of that jury stands up and delivers the victim, not empowered by the religious if a natsism, but the constitution, he'll know he's wrong. this seems to be the rights of terrorists and lack of concerns for the public. >> and a plan to put gitmo detainees in america's heartland causing another big controversy. why some in one small town see it as an economic boon. plus, a massive offensive in afghanistan underway right now. u.s. and french troops going after the taliban. and just when you thought the housing market couldn't get any worse, why selling a foreclosed home may now be harder than ever before. and an all-out push by one
there as the discussion here domestically continues as to whether president obama send more troops and whether our allies will contribute more. is that something discussed on the ground there? guest: probably among soldiers, but among afghans it is probably a much smaller group who pay attention to the smaller, finer points of american policy. soldiers have a sense depending on the area they are patrolling, whether or not they have enough people working with them. that is something that is talked about. really, in their day-to-day life in afghanistan a lot of people are not so involved in the particulars of this decision. host: there is also news about the karzai government and its efforts moving forward. have you seen any change on the ground there groundkarzai last week put forth his principles for this administration going forward? guest: not much concretely. there have been quite a few announcement by the prosecutor's office. but when it comes to whether there will be charges, under investigation for corruption had -- whether there will be charges will be quite a take and the president's office denie
. campaignering president obama making his third stop to the garden state over the weekend, lending his support to the democratic incumbent governor, jon corzine. meantime, gop stars like rudy giuliani are stumping for the republican challenger. the democratic candidate for governor in virginia is facing an uphill battle right now. we have team fox coverage on at all. shannon is live in new jersey. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in richmond, virginia. let's go first to shannon. the latest poll offers hope to christie and his supporters, but is it all good news? >> it is kind of a toss up because the republican challenger does go ahead. the incumbentfor them when theye bush actually decide to go for someone else, so we pushed, as they would choose one of the other two, more of them went with cprzome than christie. -- more of them went with corzine than christie. bill: what is the mood like in these two camps as we get ready for this vote tomorrow? >> because this race is so tight, well within the margin of error, it could go either way. both candidates still in areas. chris c
obama media with the president of china after holding a town hall with students in shanghai. the big topic of conversation was the internet access. jon: major developments in the plan to bring gitmo detainees into the u.s. federal officials from the bureau of prisons and the pentagon are visiting the thomson correctional center in illinois. the maximums omaximum-security prison might be used to house suspected terrorists currently housed at guantanamo bay. governor cquinn says they could create thousands of jobs. not all illinois lawmakers are on board with the idea. some question the wisdom of bringing al-qaeda suspects to their state. in 30 minutes from now, they will make their voices heard. catherine herridge is following all the developments for us from washington. what do we know about this illinois prison? >> it would bring probably hundreds if not thousands of jobs to the local area. since the story started surfacing over the weekend, we have seen some signs of local opposition. people question whether there community can handle up to 100 detainees in that part of the country
over this is hln. i'm virginia cha. president obama landed in china this morning. he met russian president at an international summit in singapo singapore. and the president said things look good. >> my first meeting when we traveled to moscow. our two countries to begin reducing our stockpiles. made progress over the last several months and our goal continues to be to complete the negotiatations and be able to sign a deal before the end of the year and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it, we should be able to get that done. >> president oobalma and the russian leader also talked about iran. time is running out for tehran to do something about its nuclear program. the u.s. and russia will keep pushing iran diplomatically and there are other options if that fa fails, but he didn't offer any details. >>> president barack obama couldn't bring home the olympics, but he's bringing some tourism to his home state. the united states will host the apec summit in hawaii in 2011. the host gets to dictate what the guests wear. the president says he looks f
on the nob with different celebrities. that is the second time she was photographed with president obama. >> i couldn't believe that. >> and what happens with people like this. when you meet solve promoters. there is a dark underbelly in their story. they have all sorts of civil suits and creditors after them. >> they filed if chapter 7 . the husband. tarey is in a family over the families winery. i was surprised by what the friends had said. they thought they really were on the guest list. there must be a psychology behind believing you that you are that popular. 1800 gueststs at l wedding. >> no one could see the invitation . president is opening up a full review of this incident. you heard what happened. they drove up in their car. the car was denied and they got out of the car and walk to a separate enthance. i am not sure you robbery to the white house is impossible even when you are supposed to be there. >> they check you out from every aspect of your life and . to get in. yet these people not on the guest list and though background check, it is amazing. >> who has lived in dc and
be an ominous development for the-year-old obama administration. republicans were elected governor last night in two important states. but other than preferring both candidates to the democrats were voters across the country last night trying to say something else? there is evidence of an angry electorate out there. and we begin here tonight with our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. hey, chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. you know, in the days leading up to this election the white house tried to downplay its significance. but when the results came in, the white house suddenly responded quickly, as if to say message received. more than any other issue the economy was what was in front of voters' minds yesterday. >> thank you. >> reporter: 85% of virginia voters and 90% of new jersey voters said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy. it's what propelled republicans bob mcdonnell and chris christie to their victories in both states. >> everybody is worried about the economy. of course they are. we're in the worst econ
and, instead, trying to help her friend barack obama. anyway, when sarah palin was on the oprah show, her ratings were up 36%. but then the day after she appeared on oprah, ratings were down 32%. went up for the governor back down. gretchen: interesting thing is whether or not the palin camp and advisors would have allowed her to go on oprah because they did not allow her to go on bill o'reilly's show when she was campaigning that was revealed last night when she actually called bill o'reilly at home and said she really did want to come on his show but the advisors said she should not go on his show for some unknown reason. last night she did make an appearance in the no spin zone. bill really focused last night on the attacks that she had taken from the katie couric interview and whether or not john mccain had scolded her for the way she did that interview. take a look. bill: clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective. bill: you think
. it is saturday november 14th. president obama is over seas on his tour of asia and just left the japanese. >> emperor. >>> and emperor . next stop singapore and he will be touching down in two hours. we'll have the latest on the entire trip. >> excellent. >>> and coming to america. calid sheik muhammad. accused mastermind will stand trial in federal court in new york city steps away from where the world towers once stood. we report and you decide. >> plus, looking at remanents of ida in ocean city, new jersey. flooding damaged the homes and six people dead as a result of that store. our slogan comes from steve sterling in illinois. it could be steve sterling. emporor. >> you never fail to light up my screen. it is better than shot of caffeine. >> yeah. >> it is fox and friends. >> aw, the rooster is crowing and good saturday morning to you all. thank you for joining us this morning. >> picking up the newspaper. you will see the new york post making head. of course, what everyone is talking about. calid steek muhammad now died . evil returning . >> it is what everyone in new york is talkin
, like the devil hates holy water. >> but can a handful of renegade democrats kill president obama's dream of health care overhaul. >>> more cancer confusion. first it was mammogram guidelines. now women face new recommendations on when to be screened for cervical cancer. who really wins with a new screening advice, women or the health care industry? >>> also, student uprising. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> university students in california stage a campus takeover to protest soaring tuition costs. >>> and thanks for joining us tonight. the health care overhaul is about to face a critical test vote in congress. the senate will be in session tomorrow. that's right, a saturday. not just any saturday, but the saturday before the thanksgiving holiday. the fact that they're not already heading home for the holiday is a sure sign of the pressure democrats are feeling to push the health care overhaul through before the end of the year. today democratic leaders were desperately trying to secure support from members of their own party. dana bash has the story. >> reporter: behind
>>> this morning on "early today," far east diplomacy. president obama arrives in japan, kicking off his first tour of asia. >>> deflated reality. the colorado parents who orchestrated last month's balloon boy hoax prepare to face the music. >>> and unnecessary roughness. a michigan police officer ends up in hot water after he is seen a michigan police officer ends up in hot water after he is seen tasering a handcuffed suspect. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. >>> and today we begin with first stop, tokyo. president obama arrived in the japanese capital this morning to kick off a nine-day four-nation tour through asia. it follows a quick stopover in alaska. the president spoke to u.s. troops before turning his attention to a jam-packed international agenda. chuck todd joins us live from tokyo this morning. chuck, so, what is the agenda for the next couple days? >> reporter: well, as you said, dan, it is a jam-packed schedule. he's doing five stops in four countries. it starts here in tokyo, two days, meeting wi
's what the obama administration is considering. here is caroline shively. the prison they're talking about is basically abandoned at the time being, right? >> you're right it's a 1600 cell facility, dave. only housing about 200 inmates right now and administration official tells fox it's not a done deal, but the plan calls for the federal government to buy topsy correctional facility from the state of illinois, turning it into a super max with a portion leased out to house around 100 guantanamo detainees. it's in thompson village, 150 miles west of chicago. construction was completed on thompson in 2001 because of budget crunches basically abandoned now. this proposal set up with a huge fight some saying it will which 3,000 jobs to the region, a billion dollar over four years and local economy and super max with top security. and others say it will turn the town into an area for terrorists and claim they're safe from outside attacks and u.s. citizens are safe from potential escapes because they're on an island facility guarded by the military. illinois governor pat quinn and senator
the obama administration wants to take over the regulations for subway and light rain systems. the crashes show that the states agencieies aren't doing a good enough job. >>> a new parking garage will open this morning at the station in northeast washington. the garage can hold up to 333 vehicles. it replaces a parking lot with the same number of spots. >>> we have a commuter alert for vre riders this morning. they will have full service this morning. fredericksburg line trays were supposed to be delayed this morning because of work. >>> we haven't been able to say this on a monday morning for a while, but the redskins won. they beat the broncos, 27-17. it was the first time this season they have scored more than 17 points. lindsey is going to show us what happened. >>> repaying all of the bailout billions. >> you think your credit card bills are high. >>> plus, learning more about sarah palin's new book. who is calling it, now, a work of fiction. >>> and seeking a higher power. >>> time for weather and traffic on the ones. now at 5:11, a clear sky. a little bit of fog in fed rick county.
the obama dinner and perhaps even makes history. >> now time for us to serve up rick sanchez in the 3:00 p.m. newsroom. >>> making news right now, seeking the truth about iraq. hearings underway in london to get to the bottom of what went wrong at we're there. a new report on alleged torture and how it poisoned our iraqi support. >> translator: we thought we got rid of the tyrant saddam hussein. >>> and if we do send more troops, how are we going to pay for it? anyone? >>> and another billboard in a major american city questions the president's birth and calls him a jihadi, except they spell it wrong. your conversation for november 24, 2009 begins right now. >>> and hello, again, everybody, this is the next generation of news, it's a conversation, not a speech and this is what makes us different, it's your turn to get involved. i'm going to bring you this news over live pictures of the white house. house speaker nancy pelosi is due to walk into the white house any moment now. what we're seeing is a congressional notification on afghanistan that we all as americans have long been waiting fo
washington bureau. i guess the big question is why is the obama administration doing this. >> in part they were up against a litigation wall. all these individuals absent one were in the military commission process and the military court had ordered the obama administration to make a choice as to what was going to happen with these individuals. and so they split the difference, five will be headed to new york to face trial for the 9/11 plot, five others will be facing military commission for a variety of other plots, including the master mind of the uss cole attack in 2000. so this was a decision that had to be made, but it also helps the obama administration in trying to depopulate guantanamo and figure out how to deal with the individuals still there. >> but do you peel this is the best way to do it? this has raised quirt a bit of ire especially in the new york city area. they say time heals all wounds. i don't think that applies in this case. you have families here that are outraged. what does the attorney general say to those family members that have to sit lieu what will be years
the attack. well, president obama today delivering his weekly radio and internet address saying he and we will have a lot to be thankful for but many are struggling, let's not forget, in these tough economic times and adding that job creation will be a focus in the days and months ahead. but, indiana republican congressman mike pence countered that in the weekly g.o.p. address. pence had some pretty harsh words for the white house claiming the obama administration has taken the economy from, quote, bad to worse. wendell goler with the story from washington. julie, leave it to politics to take some of the smiles out of thanksgiving. it was a quiet holiday for the first family here at the white house. no public events on the president's schedule. though he did spend some time in the oval office telephoning 10 servicemen and women from the arabian gulf. nations thanks for their service and in a thanksgiving message to the nation, he recognized the sacrifices, their families make here at home. we keep in our thoughts and prayers the many families marking this thanksgiving with an empty seat s
. >>> president obama called president karzai today to offer his congratulations. mr. obama says he's pleased that the final outcome was determined in occurrence with afghan law and he said that the u.s. and the international community will work closely with him but they want to see better governance and a sineer effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not in words it'll be indeeds. >> it is still not clear when president obama will announce the next steps that the u.s. will take in afghanistan. >>> a senior government official told the reuters news agency that mr. obama is not likely to announce a new strategy before he leaves for asia on november 11th. that trip is scheduled to be ten days' long. >>> the wave of terrorism in pakistan has prompted the united nations to suspend many of its operations there. 35 people were killed this morning in a bombing outside of a bank in ra wal bindy. a suicide bomb or a motorcycle blew himself up. hours later another suicide bombing ripped through a police
tension. how president obama is addressing sensitive issues in china today. his next step during an historic visit. >>> then, prison politics. plans to turn an illinois super max prison into the new home for guantanamo detainees. the pros and the cons. >>> and, fat fight. experimental medicine to battle obesity. the new drugs and how they work. it's monday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this monday morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> we start this half hour in china where president obama has taken a staple of american politics, the town hall meeting, to hundreds of students. >> she joins us this morning from shanghai. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. when the president stirs started out he explained to the students how this was all going to work. this event was, in fact, supposed to be broadcast live on chinese state television. but apparently the government changed its mind at the last minute. it was only broadcast live on local stations here in shangha
with agency inspectors. earlier today, president obama said there would be consequences if iran does not demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful. tracmartha: new developments toy on the attack on fort hood. the army and department of defense will launch their own investigation. according to reports, the army will look at mix warnings well the pentagon is going to focus their investigation of how military services people watch on potential problem people that may be simmering in their ranks. how did they find these people and get them out before there is the kind of trouble we saw at fort hood? a pentagon spokesman tells us that the final decision on how to investigate this has not yet been made. army maj nidal hasan is accused of gunning down 13 of his fellow soldiers at fort hood. he has been charged with premeditated murder in all of their deaths. meanwhile, the congressman, whose district includes the fort hood area, is going to introduce legislation today that will give fort hood occupancy same legal status as troops in combat. trace: fox news on the job hunt, and there
they missed? jon: president obama credited china with helping to pull the u.s. out of recession. he and the chinese president pledged cooperation despite divisive issues like human rights. jane: who should get a mammogram and at what age? one of the big question is going forward, will your insurance continue to pay for mammograms? bill: there has been -- jon: there has been an earthquake in british columbia. >> of what they are telling me is that this is off the coast of british columbia, not far from the island chain of prince rupert. the good news is that it is not near a huge populated area. but it is still an estimated 6.6, as confirmed by the usgs, a pretty big earthquake. as i was told by the scientists moments ago, the population is pretty low in that area. they're holding out hope that this will have very little effect on the people. right now there are no official tsunami warnings. back to you guys. bill: -- jon: thank you. jane: the administration is putting 9/11 terror suspects on trial in civilian court. this is sparking the divisions in multiples circles. just blocks fr
they -- guantanamo bay. that will happen right here in new york city. the move comes after president obama's promised to shut down the facility in guantanamo bay sparked heated debate in congress and elsewhere over where those detainees should be sent. the u.s. attorney general promised a fair trial for those suspects as well as fairness for the families. >> after eight years of delay, those alleging the the trip is of the attacks and 9/11 will finally face justice. they will be brought to new york to answer for their alleged crimes in the courthouse just blocks away from where the twin towers once stood. martha: that is the blockbuster headline today. our national correspondent joins me now from our washington bureau. i understand you had an opportunity to speak with one of the lawyers for these 9/11 conspirators. what did he tell you? >> he said this would be a gain changer -- game changer for the man. they tried to plead guilty, and he said he did not think this would be the case in federal court. "rushing in to plead guilty will go by the wayside," and he went on to tell me that the men will now
for president obama said the administration was "deeply saddened" by the terrible loss of life and wish speedy recovered to injured. there has been numerous bomb attacks in the north caucus region of russia, including chechnya since the fall of the soviet union. rebels and separatists have been fighting against pro-russian government officials. this past august a suicide bombing of a police station in the region that killed 25 and injured 164 more. now sometimes that violence or attacks by russian nationalist groups spill over to the bigger cities. for example, a february 2004 attack by chechen rebels on the moscow subway that killed 40 people. again, no group has claimed responsibility for this attack. keep in mind, though,er theer rorrists have attack -- terrorists attacked trains around the world in the past several year, including 2004 commuter train bombings in ma brit, spain, led by muslim terror cell that killed 191 people. also, the 2005 attack by british muslims on london's underground train system that killed 56 people. julie? >> julie: molly henneberg in washington. we have more on
and we'll look at that part of the story as well. >>> plus new numbers on president obama's new housing plan, why one calls it abysmal progress. >> we're getting a first look at another set of proposed new rules to overhaul the financial system. the senate banking committee released a draft proposal on tuesday. it's more than 1,100 pages long. one of the biggest ideas is to create a single agency to regulate banks called the financial institutions regulatory administration. that administration would overseeing the nation's banking activity. the proposal advocates taking away those powers from the federal reserve and the fdic. experts say that is not likely to happen. >> i don't think it's going to happen because i think the fed has too much power. i also think that in the current political environment sheila bear, who is the chair woman of the fdics has too much power and it's not going to happen. >> another goal of this new proposal is to create a new office of credit-rating agencies to regulate the companies that gave aaa ratings to the toxic loans that ended up failing. it would also
president obama is making a big mistake bringing these 9/11 terror suspects to new york for trial. >>> you hear a lot about stores struggling in a down economy but we found one that is thriving. their secret and how they're passing those savings along to you. >>> keep it right here on fox 5. we are just getting started. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet at home and on the go is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation creates investment, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed intert access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five
that the american people want this. the american people voted for president obama to get health care coverage and i think the democrats have to deliver. if they don't do this, i think the democrats are doomed next year. i'm sure something will happen. >> do you think it will happen by the end of the year? that fast? >> i'm not sure about the end of the year. people talking the end of december and beginning of january. you can never tell by these things. we thought something would be done by the end of the summer and the deadline gets pushed back and so it doesn't happy to predict on these things. >> keith, the president reveals his plan in the prime time address from westpoint about afghanistan. what do you expect to hear from the president in terms of details? >> i think the president is going to lay out a clear vision vision of what pros and cons going into afghanistan and pinning additional troops he wants to put in there and tells es what he hopes to achieve. i think a viable afghan government and strong afghan military and the reduction of the presence of the taliban and al qaeda. those have t
. with this new surge of forces. >> i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." >> president obama will announce his plan tuesday night in a speech to the nation from west point. senator kyl, what will you be listening for? what do you want to hear in the president's speech? >> first of all, i want to hear the details. will he follow the recommendations of general petraeus and general mcchrystal in moving at least 40,000 troops into the area as quickly as possible? and the other two key elements, both the political and economic almosts, of counter insurgency. secondly, talk of an exit strategy is exactly the wrong way to go. i hear that in the media. i certainly hope the president doesn't do that. all that does is signal to the enemies and also to our allies, to the folks in pakistan as well as the afghanis, that we're not there to stay until the mission is accomplished. and they've got to know that we will be there for them until the mission is accomplished or they'll make other arrangements and it won't be to our benefit. >> senator bayh? >> chris, this is a very complex situatio
on terror. dr. keith ablow has comments on this. he is up in a few minutes. alisyn: president obama is in beijing. latest hilt of his asian trip is meeting with chinese president hu jintao. the two sides reached an important agreement and president obama saying the relationship between the countries has never been more important. fox news mike emanuel is reporting live from the white house this morning. mike, let's talk about that u.s.-china relationship. how did the president frame it today? >> well, alisyn, very interesting. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and
in colorado springs. >>> president obama tries to move the middle east peace process forward this evening at the white house. >> he meets with israeli prime minister netanyahu to soothe a strained relationship between the two countries. simon mcgreggor-wood is joining us from jerusalem with more on what's at stake. good morning, simon. >> reporter: there will be a meeting between president obama and the is rail lie prime minister netanyahu. the view here is the prime minister was made to sweat at this meeting. when he got on a plane to address this important jewish conference in washington he didn't know whether or not he was going to meet the president at the white house or not. late last night the white house announced there would be a meeting, a short one, late tonight well after the israeli tv bulletins are off the air. the message here is simply that the relations between the white house and this administration here in israel are strained to say the least. i think the white house people are saying, according to israeli sources, that the prime minister made the mistake of trying to in
and investor confidence. president obama celebrated halloween the same way many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. 2,000 kids came to the white house with parents and president obama doled out dried fruit m & ms and butter cookies. michelle obama wore cat ears and a leopard patterned shirt. they later had a reception for military families in the white house. >>> two men arrested in windsor ontario yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a shootout with the fbi in detroit. the son of imam killed in the shooting was also arrested in windsor. >>> the number of kids dying from swine flu jumped this month. it killed 19 kids. at least 114 have died since spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. the advice has some parents divided. >> reporter: laura willington does what she can to keep her daughter healthy, but when it comes to the h1n1 vaccine. >> absolutely not. no. the risk is not worth it. >> reporter: laura has four child
. to a group called organizing for america. mr. obama wrote, "this is a night to celebrate, but not to rest." those who voted for reform deserve our thanks. the next phase of the fight has already begun. he then points to the process in the senate saying insurance companies and other special interests are already pushing to bury the bill as he put it. then he asked people to contribute $25 or whatever they can afford so we can finish this fight, as he said. now he did not mention that the problem in the senate is that there are several democrats along with all the republicans who have serious misgivings about several of the proposals on the senate side. especially a government healthcare plan, the so-called public option. the concerns of key democrats on that issue will have to be overcome. to get a bill passed out of the senate. shannon? > >> shannon: a long uphill battle. thank you for the update. the house passed the legislation by 220-215 vote and with support from a single republican. joining us more with the political implications, sam youngman from "the hill newspaper" and political
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